VYOS 1.1.8 Appliance on K5

Deploy a VYOS 1.1.8 Appliance in Fujitsu Cloud Service K5

VYOS 1.1.8 image pre-wrapped for use/import into Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 IaaS

Image Import Process – Using Fujitsu K5 IaaS Portal

  • Log into the Fujitsu K5 IaaS Portal, navigate to storage -> object storage and create a new container to hold the vyos vmdk image

  • Upload the included vyos_1.1.8.vmdk image into the container created above

  • Now select Import/Export -> VMImport, and select the container where the image has just been uploaded and complete the remaining fields

  • After 20 minutes (mileage may vary) you should see something like this

Image Deployment

This is the same as any other image now on K5. As the VYOS is an appliance with typically at least 2 network interfaces I’ve included an OpenStack HEAT template in this repo that will deliver the following demonstration architecture for quick and easy testing


Github repo – https://github.com/allthingsclowd/VYOS_on_K5

CAUTION: Please don’t forget to configure allowed_address_pairs once the network design is complete
See https://docs.openstack.org/dragonflow/latest/specs/allowed_address_pairs.html

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