OpenStack & Fujitsu K5 Visualiser – Angular meets D3JS


This is a fun little project I put together whilst playing with Google’s  javascript framework.

It was built and tested using Fujitsu K5’s IaaS Public cloud which is an OpenStack based cloud so it can be easily adapted to work with other OpenStack clouds.

There’s a version of the application running on Fujitsu’s Cloud Foundry PaaS platform if you’d like to try before you build when using K5 –

The source code is located here – Ensure to read the installation instructions carefully as the application also requires a CORS proxy service when running as a frontend application.

Happy Coding!


Update: 23/10/2017 – I’ve just had feedback from several users that the published demo does not run correctly with IE Edge. Please use a chrome browser to test and evaluate. If I get time I’ll investigate beyond enabling all the MS ‘schims’ already added. However, as this is a community effort, feel free to supply the fix if you have fixed this already. It’s an Angular/MS issue.

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