Fujitsu K5 IaaS User Onboarding

When supporting a small user base the standard graphical user interface (GUI) approach to adding new users to the K5 IaaS platform, documented here and here is fine. The following slide gives an overview of the steps involved.

However, when working at scale and implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery models GUIs are not an option. Thankfully, with the K5 platform you get a rich set of RESTful APIs based on OpenStack Keystone. This facilitates easy integration with existing user management solutions or the creation of automated onboarding processes. See this guide for more details.

The following python 2.7 application provides an example of how the above process can be simplified and automated using K5’s APIs within a single GUI.

For bonus points I also created the application with the all the files necessary to launch it directly on our K5 Cloud Foundry Platform with a simple ‘cf push’ – feel free to try it out.

Fujitsu K5 User Onboarding Demo Application Repository

Happy Stacking!!!



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