Fujitsu K5 Inter-AZ Networking Heat Stack

Today we will look at a simple heat stack to implement the enhanced network connector that the K5 platform implements to link subnets within projects across availability zones.


At Fujitsu our engineering team, currently ranking at number 5 for lines of code committed to the OpenStack project, (well done folks) have enhanced neutron in our K5 platform to give it the same hardware failure domain capability as is present in the nova project today. This means that the neutron service can be split across availability zones which in turn makes it easier to split your availability zones across remote data centres.

See this video for the technical details – 14 minutes in…

As a result of this enhancement we have developed a new K5 neutron component called a network connector that is used to link networks in the same project that are in separate availability zones. They must have different subnet CIDRs.

The following heat stack creates two private networks, one in each availability zone and then joins them together using the new network connector and its endpoint components.

This template should get you up and running quickly should you wish to test it out.

Now all you need to do is spin up an instance on each subnet and you will see that you have layer 3 connectivity between the instances …


Happy Stacking!



4 thoughts on “Fujitsu K5 Inter-AZ Networking Heat Stack

  1. Hi Graham, a very useful example. Any chance you can fire up iPerf and get me some average inter AZ speeds across the link connected by the Network Connectors in this example ?


      1. Excellent, I still can’t believe how good a service this is. Free Fibre DWDM link use between Cloud availability zones is what keeps me using this service!


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