CSA 4.6 Preparation for Integration with HOS 2

Disclaimer: Please ensure you’ve got a full backup of your environment and a recovery plan before attempting the following procedure…as always!

This blogpost covers the steps necessary to prepare Cloud Service Automation 4.6,  HPE’s cloud service broker, for integration with Helion OpenStack 2.0 – or any OpenStack for that matter. The user must have administrative access to the CSA 4.6 platform.

You also need to have a HP Live Network (HPLN) account with the appropriate privileges.


Navigate to the HP Live Network from the CSA server and download the following two items:


Live Network2

Extract both the CSA Content Installer and the OpenStack Capsules to a known directory.

Open up a DOS command window and navigate to this directory.

Verify the version of the content installer by running the following command –

java -jar CapsuleInstaller.jar -version


It should be at least 4.0.

Launch the installer –

java -jar CapsuleInstaller.jar


As my environment has CSA and Operations Orchestration (HP OO) installed on the same server I selected the option above to install the content for both applications.


Browse to the extracted OpenStack Capsule and select next.


Select OK


Accept the EULA and Select Next


Enter the appropriate account details for you environment and click Authenticate


Once Authentication is successful select OK

confirmresourcedetails10 Select Next


Select ALL check boxes and then select Next


Check all your backups are in order!

Select Install




Verify that everything has been reported as installed successfully.

Select Next


Select Finish

And that’s all there is to it!

You now have the content loaded into both CSA and OO that facilitates simple integration with Helion OpenStack 2.0.


Coming soon…HOS 2.0 and CSA 4.6 Integration…

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