HOS 2.0 Configuring a third party Cinder storage solution – SOLIDFIRE

Configure a SolidFire storage array as a Cinder backend on HOS 2.0

You must modify the cinder.conf.j2 to configure the storage backend details.

Perform the following steps to configure the Cinder backend:

  1. Log in to lifecycle manager [deployer node].

  2. Make the following changes to the ~/helion/my_cloud/config/cinder/cinder.conf.j2 file:

a. Add your SolidFire backend to the enabled_backends section:

# Configure the enabled backends

b. Create a new SolidFire iscsi cluster section and fill the values per your cluster information.
Here is an example:

volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.solidfire.SolidFireDriver
san_ip =
san_login = san-admin
san_password = secret-password
sf_emulate_512 = True
volume_backend_name = solidfire
# End of section for solidfire

Commit your configuration to your local git repositiory:

cd ~/helion/hos/ansible
git add -A
git commit -m "Added SolidFire to Cinder Backend Storage"

  1. Run the configuration processor:

cd ~/helion/hos/ansible
ansible-playbook -i hosts/localhost config-processor-run.yml

  1. Run the following command to create a deployment directory:

cd ~/helion/hos/ansible
ansible-playbook -i hosts/localhost ready-deployment.yml

  1. Run the following command to complete the configuration:

cd ~/scratch/ansible/next/hos/ansible
ansible-playbook -i hosts/verb_hosts cinder-reconfigure.yml

  1. Now proceed to configuring the volume type….

See SolidFire OpenStack details here

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