How-to: Reset a Helion OpenStack seed host for another virtual installation

This is a quick guide for those new to OpenStack and the wonderful world of Linux on how to reset a seed HOST to accept a new virtual installation.

These steps should be performed on the seed host.

# Remove the baremetal.csv.vm and previous installation log files
sudo su -
cd /root
rm *.log *.vm

# Remove any of the previously created virtual machines
# Note: you may see errors if the VMs are not running, these errors can be ignored
for vm in `virsh list --all |grep -e seed -e baremetal | cut -c 7-32` ; do sudo virsh destroy $vm ; sudo virsh undefine $vm ; done

# Remove the original virtual machine images used for the build
rm /var/lib/libvirt/images/*

# That's it! The Seed Host is now ready for another virtual installation

Jump to:

Virtual Helion OpenStack v1.1 Installation with HA
Virtual Helion OpenStack v1.1 Installation without HA

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