Create Oracle database software package for deployment at the Platform Provisioning phase

Prereqs – An Infrastructure Template containing a Windows Server 2008 R2 system has already been configured using the Existing-Infrastructure capability of CDA.

  • Clearly define the process required to silently install/remove the Oracle database as this is what we will be automating. There’s no magic here – if you don’t know how to install the product without CDA then there’s no point in proceeding. For this installation we need the Oracle 11g binaries and a configuration file copied to the target server and then we simply execute the oracle installer.
  • setup.exe -silent -responseFile C:\Aravind\Oracle\SW\Oracle11g\database\db_install.rsp
  • You will find the new example of response file under the “response” directory in the Oracle 11g distribution named “db_install.rsp”
  • Download the required media from Oracle
  • Upload this media into CDA’s Definitive Software Library (DSL). Select the Platforms tab – Import/Images menu.



Once all files have been uploaded we can begin to build the software package for deployment to the platform – in this scenario it’s Oracle 11g onto a MS Windows 2008R2EE server.

  • Select the Create Software menu item from the Platform tab, enter the necessary details and save.



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