How-to : Read the HP Documentation Offline

How-to : Read the HP Helion OpenStack Documentation Offline

Just a brief note – Personally I love documentation that I can read offline and that doesn’t jump all over the place. Trains and planes, at least in the UK, still offer poor, limited and expensive online connectivity. The Helion OpenStack documentation is online and link-tastic J

I don’t have a solution for the flow (links) within the documentation however it’s very easy to use wget to download the documentation before you travel as follows.

· Install wget – [I’m using windows but you can do the same for linux using the appropriate binaries.]

· Open up a DOS prompt and change to the directory where you would like the website to be downloaded.

· Run the following wget command:

“C:Program Files (x86)GnuWin32binwget.exe” –recursive –no-clobber –page-requisites –html-extension –convert-links –domains

· When it’s complete point a browser to the index.html file of the offline files and it’s that easy.

Warning : Please remember that this offline documentation should be refreshed regularly as it will quickly go stale.